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cheap tickets is a leading online travel booking company offering lowest airfares and cheap air tickets on over 900 airlines and flights from more then 50 countries. Consolidator rates are available to the general public. Our booking engine is searching low cost carriers also. Over the years we have built strong relationships with major airlines including: Aeroflot, S7, Transaero, Utair, Rossia, Aerosvit, Lufthansa, Air France, British Airways, Royal Dutch Airline ( KLM ), Northwest Airline, United, Delta, Austrian, Alitalia, Czech Airlines, Malev, Montenegro Airlines, Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines and many more.
We are ticketing brokers who buy seats in bulk from the airline, then resell them to travel agents, often those who specialize in discount international travel or sometimes directly to the public.
Wе reach out to more niche target audiences by offering discounts & fare flexibility for air tickets. Consolidatorgroup works through contracts with different suppliers to sell at reduced prices which are for niche ethnic markets.
We enjoy exclusive relationships with airline companies and through this exclusive relationship we are able to broker exclusive deals with airlines which then enable them to secure consolidator fares which are sometimes more than 70% lower than the airlines’ published. This is on account of exclusive relationship between them because of the big volumes of business consolidators bring to the airlines.
Booking online will still give you the convenience of buying your ticket at your own time, at your convenience and still taking advantage of all possible avenues of find the lowest cost. We provide Low Consolidator Economy fares, JUSTBUSINESSCLASSAIRTICKETS.COM Exclusive and Signature Business Class fares, JUSTFIRSTCLASSAIRTICKETS.COM Exclusive and Signature First class fares – unrestricted without penalties, Last Minute Deals for Domestic Travel, Round the World Fares and Multi City Trips.